who me?


who am i?  i begin the day asking this question and then follow up with who do i want to be?  sometimes i have wrongly asked myself, who do people think i am?  but then i correct myself and properly ask, who is brave enough to get to know the real me? it's easy to assume you know who someone is, but it can be more refreshing to embrace the truth about a person's disposition, character or ethos. i am a great father, a good husband and a creative, free thinker.  i am human as are you, hi.

Personal Info

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The Challenges

Is the Data Real?

we like to think it is.  but can this technology really be the real us?  think about it.

Talk is cheap?

what does that mean anyway?  if we started a conversation with truth, would it still be cheap?

Inspect and Reflect

the truth is our character.  look inside for clues.

Dare I say?

  • I record calls, you should too
  • Bad Lawyers


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