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ethos: The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement.

The Derek Gendron weblog : 0eth0s0 - ethos:  The disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement.

I record calls – you should too!

Important to record calls for record-keeping purposesI record my telephone calls – and have for many, many years.

Years ago, I used a micro-cassette recorder with a tape – some of the conversations, while completely private and recorded for record-keeping purposes, are entertaining to say the least.


Why record calls, you might ask?  There are a great deal of dumb people out there who say this or that.  Over the years, I have had people post this or that about me saying I said this or that.  One guy in particular, a Dr. Ken Wenzer who has a PHD, (pretty smart right?) posted things that I supposedly “said” to him, promises I made.  They were a complete and total fabrication and misalignment of the facts.   And he convinced others to say the same thing, in a collusion of sorts – getting others to lie to authorities and in online forums.   And fortunately, I have always maintained and archived all of my voice proofs.  Its clear what was said and using a time-date-stamped audio tape has always help me prove EXACTLY what was and was not said.

Chris Christie, the Governor should try something different….

Okay, I thought about writing this article and it concerned me a bit….should I really place this article after the article about lawyers and penises….that might be a mistake. Anyway, I decided to put it here anyway. I have been known to make a mistake or two in my past. Governor Chris Christie advice

Talk about mistakes. Governors achieve things with States – that’s a pretty noble position, worthy of considerable respect. Governing a entire State also has certain quirks. I could imagine, even with a great deal of organization, there must be miscommunications and sheer stupidity at some levels – it happens at most companies. Some make the news and some just prick the pride pickle. But it happens. Even at churches, football and hockey calls and even in court of law. Wherever people are involved, there are going to be trepidations. (I struggled with the correct word to use, “mistakes”, “mishaps”, “ill-advised”, f**ng stupidity,), but settled on trepidations.

Okay, here’s my advice.

He should take a good chunk of time and plan an more interesting public relations campaign.   He could start speaking bluntly, or recklessly about items of truth, but give it some flare for God’s sake.  I mean, its clear the Governor knows how to bite back if pressed, make it a little more of some eye-candy.  You command a good portion of the screen (that didn’t sound right but it was with good intentions).   I’ll try again….

Bad Attorneys – the active larve on a steaming pile of dung

The U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States of America. Here is what Chief Justice Warren Burger had to say about bad attorneys:

“75 to 90 percent of American Trial Lawyers are incompetent, dishonest or both”

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.35.35 PM


How is that possible?  Wait, I guess I should say, we know its possible, but how does that continue to be a possibility.  Are they breeding with other attorneys?  Do they put their penises into each other like they do their clients so that they spread the idiocracy?

I watch attorney after attorney post in the Craigslist legal forums, spamming ad after spamming ad.  They are trying to solicit business as counselors of law when Craigslist’s policy is clearly ONE listing in a single category in one 48 hour period.  I get it and I am an uneducated non-lawyer spokesman.  I feel for the simple who hire those morons, truly fitting into Chief Justice’s percentile.

I think its funny…sort of.

People out there, you have been warned by the Chief Justice of the highest court in this land.  More than likely this man knew what he was talking about and it was not an off the cuff comment.   I mean its probably pretty hard to get a position on the Supreme Court bench, much less become the “Chief Justice”.

Quitters never win…in fact, they don’t even start the competition!

I have had the fortune to talk to many people in the past couple years, those searching for businesses and the path to financial freedom. Its been very interesting and I have spoken to people of all types and educations. The quality of people on this earth is very breathtaking, even for those who lack any sort of ambition or quality of action.

Case in point. I got to know a Professor, someone who spent their life in school, supposedly learning and becoming smarter, more educated, wiser. A supposed PHD who really couldn’t understand the beginnings of commerce or common sense. A person who didn’t know how to take the pen and formulate a sentence that couldn’t get him in trouble – not a real clear thinker. And this was evident in our conversations. I feel sorry for those type of people. People that have spent a fortune on an education that has not served them well at all. An “education” that has not fixed the core of what they need in their life, a fix of themselves. This happens only by looking inward and making change.

And change comes with action.

Michael Jackson – Black or White?

I wanted to write this years ago, now may be an after the fact message since he has passed but I say, that’s okay.

MichaelJackson - Black or White?

Michael Jackson, as we are seeing each and everyday on the news around the world, was one of the influential media people of all times.  At the risk of offending those who love Elvis, yes I say, even bigger than Elvis.

He had an opportunity to walk out on stage one day and say, hey, “I am black”.  I’ve tried to be white, but

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Facebook – Good or bad for a free democracy?


In my brief experience with Face book, I do have to say this. After being hit with a tomato, having a funny icon of Hillary tossed at me or graphiti written on my wall, I come away from the site knowing that between Facebook and Myspace, Facebook rocks. Myspace is a mess of code, no standard in any sense of the imagination (and it shows in almost every other site visit), its a mess. Facebook on the other hand has a nice, clean, bland standard, something like this site. While it can be cluttered with extras that you can add or delete a will, the overall theme remains clean and unscrambled with code and banners and flash and java.

When I read the other day that Facebook was opening its code up to developers and the creative element, I swallowed hard, my left eye

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