NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell dodged a sniper today

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner gave some point by point steps to resolve the issue that has plagued the NFL with regards to child abuse and domestic violence.

Should you be dismissed?  The reporter asked him the question point blank and I am sure all sports fans who tuned in could have heard a pin drop.   Should you be dismissed?

He didn’t squirm much and instead went into his reasons why it was hell no, I’m staying and doing my job.  But then he said, everything is on the table….

Hair stood up on the back of my neck and everything else became unimportant until I could hear what would be said in the next few minutes of the live coverage.  Yeah much like that previous sentence, it was a lot to handle.

He said everything is on the table…interviews, appeals process, etc….  Oh, okay, he wasn’t saying his recognition was on the table, he was smart enough to see the opportunity and he defused it.  Immediately he went into the things that were actually on the table.  Well that’s what I saw anyway!

Oh my god, I thought.

I record calls, you should too!

Important to record calls for record-keeping purposesABSOLUTELY!  I record calls – and have for many, many years.

Years ago, I used to record calls using a cassette recorder with a tape deck and wires hanging out of my ear to the phone and back to the recorder.  This was done for personal and private reasons and for record-keeping purposes.  I do not record calls so I can sit back and listen to them and giggle or anything, who has time for that?  No, its for a much more important reason.  The same reason that you carry car insurance, home-owners insurance or wear hiking boots when hiking.  Safety!

Why record calls, you might ask?  There are a great deal of dumb people out there who say this or that.  Over the years, I have had people post this or that about me saying I said this or that.  One guy in particular, a Dr. Ken Wenzer who has a PHD, (pretty smart right?) posted things that I supposedly “said” to him, promises I made.  They were a complete and total fabrication and misalignment of the facts.   And he convinced others to say the same thing, in a collusion of sorts – getting others to lie to authorities and in online forums.   And fortunately, I have always maintained and archived all of my voice proofs.  Its clear what was said and using a time-date-stamped audio tape has always help me prove EXACTLY what was and was not said.

Godzilla Imax 3D Movie Review

A Godzilla movie review by Derek Gendron

Okay, I knew I would enjoy the new Godzilla after that train wreck of a lame attempt with Matthew Broderick. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. It would have been BETTER if there would have been dubbed voice-overs as the originals, that way the weak parts wouldn’t have been so remembered, but other than that, it was a visually stimulating experience.    In this author’s humble opinion, the director missed the perfect opportunity to put a spot in the movie showing the traditional Japanese newscaster bleak on about Godzilla – I might have teared up!

When you drive home with a loved one and think about scenes, are visually exhausted from the experience, you know it was good.Godzilla movie review by Derek Paul Gendron

I read a movie review in the WSJ and it was much more in-depth than I will attempt here, but in a nutshell, go see it.

A couple of the scenes of Japan and some of the tragedies that played out in real life were stark reminders of the past.  In an eerie way, one sitting in the theater felt a wave of compassion for those in Japan and definitely those who experienced the September 11 tower incidents.  Without spoiling the show, you too will probably remember!  Consider it a tribute and a memory and it will be easy to stomach.

Worry about Internet Security and Privacy? Don’t be ridiculous!!

Worry about Internet Security and Privacy?  Don’t be ridiculous!!

by Derek Paul Gendron

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that basically painted the picture of a bleak future with AntiVirus software and Internet security and privacy.  The whole point of the article basically came out and said it:  We can’t stop hackers from getting in – they seized the castle of opportunity, we just have to know how to manage them and what they get their hands on…

Internet security and privacy
I am Hacker – hello!

Seriously, they said in so many words.  Okay to be fair, here is the actual content of what was said:

The article, titled  Symantec Develops New Attack on Cyberhacking starts with this sentence:symantec

Symantec Corp. SYMC -0.05% invented commercial antivirus software to protect computers from hackers a quarter-century ago. Now the company says such tactics are doomed to failure.”

Okay, if that wasn’t bad enough it later went on to say:

Antivirus products aim to prevent hackers from getting into a computer. But hackers often get in anyway these days.


Scammed by Ripoffreport

Ripoffreport LIED about Derek Paul Gendron

It's the undeniable truth!!  Read on to learn how
 to REPAIR THIS and not put YOU and YOUR COMPUTER at RISK!!
Did you know that many RipoffReports are truly a ripoff and are simply not
true – READ THIS?  RipOffReport benefits by lies and posts by COMPETITORS as it creates traffic created by reports such as this. 

It boosts their rankings on the internet and rankings = big $$$.  And you are falling right into their SCAM!   Let’s look at THE FACTS on DEREK GENDRON:

FACT:   6,006 results for Derek Gendron – Google Search

FACT:   There are 100 people in the US/Canada named Derek Gendron. –

FACTThere is a different Derek Gendron in Florida with an arrest record:

This is not me!!
This is not me!!

FACT:  People often cite and confuse the two (of over 100) Derek Gendron’s

FACT:  In reading RipoffReports sham site, you probably did too!

FACT:  You are not alone.

Please, do yourself a favor and stop referencing this trash of a website.  If someone posts on Ripoffreport you are pedophile or murderer, you know what you can do about it?  NOTHING!  And when it happens to you, perhaps you will create a website like this to defend your good name!

Chris Christie, the Governor should try something different….

Okay, I thought about writing this article and it concerned me a bit….should I really place this article after the article about lawyers and penises….that might be a mistake. Anyway, I decided to put it here anyway. I have been known to make a mistake or two in my past. Governor Chris Christie advice

Talk about mistakes. Governors achieve things with States – that’s a pretty noble position, worthy of considerable respect. Governing a entire State also has certain quirks. I could imagine, even with a great deal of organization, there must be miscommunications and sheer stupidity at some levels – it happens at most companies. Some make the news and some just prick the pride pickle. But it happens. Even at churches, football and hockey calls and even in court of law. Wherever people are involved, there are going to be trepidations. (I struggled with the correct word to use, “mistakes”, “mishaps”, “ill-advised”, f**ng stupidity,), but settled on trepidations.

Okay, here’s my advice.

He should take a good chunk of time and plan an more interesting public relations campaign.   He could start speaking bluntly, or recklessly about items of truth, but give it some flare for God’s sake.  I mean, its clear the Governor knows how to bite back if pressed, make it a little more of some eye-candy.  You command a good portion of the screen (that didn’t sound right but it was with good intentions).   I’ll try again….

Bad Attorney – the larve on a steaming pile of dung

Bad Attorney – leaving their stench on the landscape.

The U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States of America. Here is what Chief Justice Warren Burger had to say about bad attorneys:

“75 to 90 percent of American Trial Lawyers are incompetent, dishonest or both”

Bad Attorney, bad lawyer
Bad Attorneys!


How is that possible?  Wait, I guess I should say, we know its possible, but how does that continue to be a possibility.  Are they breeding with other bad attorneys?  Do they put their penises into each other like they do their clients so that they spread the idiocracy?

I watch bad attorney after bad attorney post in the Craigslist legal forums, spamming ad after spamming ad.  They are trying to solicit business as counselors of law when Craigslist’s policy is clearly ONE listing in a single category in one 48 hour period.  I get it and I am an uneducated non-lawyer spokesman.  I feel for the simple who hire those morons, truly fitting into Chief Justice’s percentile.

Quitters never win…in fact, they don’t even start the competition!

Quitters never win – they finish the race!

I have had the fortune to talk to many people in the past couple years, those searching for businesses and the path to financial freedom. Its been very interesting and I have spoken to people of all types and educations. The quality of people on this earth is very breathtaking, even for those who lack any sort of ambition or quality of action.

Case in point. I got to know a Professor, someone who spent their life in school, supposedly learning and becoming smarter, more educated, wiser. A supposed PHD who really couldn’t understand the beginnings of commerce or common sense. A person who didn’t know how to take the pen and formulate a sentence that couldn’t get him in trouble – not a real clear thinker. And this was evident in our conversations. I feel sorry for those type of people.

People that have spent a fortune on an education that has not served them well at all. An “education” that has not fixed the core of what they need in their life, a fix of themselves. This happens only by looking inward and making change.

…on the disposition, character, or fundamental values of interesting topics and people!